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2012 Konkani Kids’ Camp” a unique experience for our little ones
Monday, April 16th, 2012

All you parents with young children: do you want your kids to have the greatest experience at the Konkani Sammelan? Then come on and register your children for the “2012 Konkani Kids’ Camp.” It is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday at the Sammelan facility from 9am to 5pm for children between 3 to 9 years. While you are catching up with family and friends, your children are just a few feet away having fun making new friends from all over USA and Canada.

Hospitality Committee has secured the services of “ACA” accredited local YMCA to run the camp along with Hospitality Committee volunteers.  The main focus of the camp is to give our children an opportunity to make new Konkani friends, gain a sense of independence, and to build community spirit. Most of all, this secure and safe environment gives our little ones time to connect with their future friends “Heart to Heart.” Also, every child will feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. They will be a part of a community where their individuality is welcomed and supported.

Besides the indoor / outdoor activities, our volunteers are focusing on creating a “My Sammelan Experience” for each child; they get to write a daily journal into a booklet as their own take home souvenir.  There will be Konkani quizzes and children are taught Konkani rhymes and limericks. Also, Vasanth maam and Rajaram maam will be reading stories from India. We encourage all parents with children to avail of this service, so that your children can have this unique experience.

Stay tuned for further updates on how to sign up for “2012 Konkani Kids’ Camp”.


Hospitality Committee