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Guest, Speaker, Performer Bios - Vivek Ullal

Vivek Ullal has been playing flute since he was a young teenager. In 1966, he began taking formal lessons in bansuri at the Pannalal Ghosh Bansuri Vidyapeeth in Mumbai. In 1994, he resumed learning Hindustani classical music from the legendary Late Pandit Ravi Bellare, and later from the late renowned vocalist Smt. Lakshmi Shankar, both in the LA area. Besides bansuri, Vivek also plays harmonium, keyboard, harmonica, and tabla. His main forte is Hindustani classical music, but he has also played in ensembles playing Bollywood music jazz, and Western pop music.


BANSURI FLUTE - UTSAV: 7/3, 4:30-4:45pm


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