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Travel & Checklist

To make it easier for each of you, here are some things for you to think about and plan for. 

1) Hotel Reservations: 

The nearest hotels, are the Hilton San Jose and the San Jose Marriott, San Jose. We have negotiated special rates with both hotels for our attendees. The Hilton San Jose is directly connected with the San Jose Convention Center, where most of the Sammelan events will be held, and the San Jose Marriott is a short walking distance from the Convention Center.

Here is additional information about each of the hotels.

Hilton Fact Sheet

San Jose Marriott Details

Please verify your reservations, the location of the hotel and the check in/ check out dates.

2) Hotel Parking

We will publish the parking rate in the near future.

3) Convention Center Parking

For those of you who will not be staying at either of the Hotels, the San Jose McEnery Convention Center has available parking in different areas, as per the enclosed map.

Convention Center Parking

4) Dress code: 

Outdoor temperatures during the day during this time of the year are between 78Ëš and 90Ëš F, while temperatures during the night range between 56Ëš and 65Ëš. We would recommend dressing comfortably for the events. The venue is air-conditioned.

We would recommend the following types of Indian or Western formal clothing for the Gala Dinner:

  • Ladies: Saris, Salwars, Lehengas, Formal Gowns
  • Men: Suits, Jackets, Nehru Jackets, Formal Churidar/Kurtas Sherwanis 

5) Registration and Check-in:

All paid pre-registered attendees will have to go through check-in counters to get their badges with their name on it and wristbands, which will allow them entry into the Convention Center. The person collecting the badges for the family will have to show one piece of ID to collect them.

Badges can be collected onsite starting Jul 2nd 2022 onwards. Volunteers will be onsite to help you check in and provide your KS2022 badges on all days. Please note that we will not have check-in counters at the hotels. Onsite registration/ Walk Ins is welcome but will be limited by the facility capacity.To manage facility capacity restrictions, our current plan is to identify on the attendee’s badge his/her preference specified at the time of registration regarding meal timings & meal locations.

Check our Registration instructions page for more details. 

6) Food: 

The Konkani Sammelan 2022  Food committee has drawn up the sumptuous, mouthwatering menu which includes a lot of Konkani Delicacies which you will not find in any restaurant in North America!  

The wristband should be worn on all 3 days as that will allow entry to the Dining area. The badge should be visible at all times. Check the Food page for more details on the food we have arranged for the Sammelan.

7) Raffle:

Try your hand at several top prizes and increase your chances by buying raffle tickets (look for more details soon). All three are available for purchase at the registration counter.

8) Booths:

Be sure to stop by various vendors' booths in the Pre-function Ballroom Area.  Check our Exhibitors Page for list of our Exhibitors. 

9) Konkani Sammelan App:

To enhance your Konkani Sammelan experience, we request all attendees to download the Konkani Sammelan App on their smart phones and check out the entire program schedule. You can also optionally create a profile.
This app not only has our latest program schedule but also the food menu, speaker profiles, Venue Maps, Sponsor info, important information etc. It also lets you follow a specific track and set favorites/reminders to events you wish to attend. Additionally, if you create a profile you can post comments, pictures, chat with other attendees and take advantage of all the social features available. Just search for Konkani Sammelan in AppStore or Google Play store. Someone will also be available at the registration desk to help you if you have any issues/questions on this app.

10) Helpline:

To help enhance our guest experience during the Sammelan, we are publishing one phone number which we call Ask Ammani. Please note that this number will be monitored and answered by our dedicated volunteers starting Tuesday, 6/30 till Saturday, 7/4. Check our Contact us page for more details.