Konkani Calendar

The Konkani Sammelan Executive Committee & NAKA - North American Konkani Association bring to you for the first time a Konkani Calendar showcasing all our Poojya Swamiji's, our Isht Dev's and our Maths.

This calendar has all US federal hoildays and Hindu festivals of importance. Ekadashi, Sankasti, Purnima & Amavasya days are all highlighted. Our connections to our Maths and our Poojya Swamiji's is the reason why our Community is so strongly bonded together. This will only reinforce that link each time you see this calendar in your Deva Kood. This is a 18-month calendar between July 2016 - Dec 2017.

You can avail of this calendar for only $10 at the Registration desk of Konkani Sammelan 2016. Get one for yourself and a few more for your loved ones!