Konkani Sammelan 2022 Awards for Excellence

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Although the Konkani community is a miniscule fraction of the world's population, we have made our presence felt around the world in terms of accomplishments in all walks of life. It's been a tradition of previous sammelans to recognize and honor high achieving Konkani individuals. We want to continue this heritage at the 2022 Sammelan by highlighting accolades earned by individuals to not only congratulate them, but to also inspire youngsters and future stars of the Konkani fraternity. We request you to fill the form below to nominate achievers in various categories.

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 ARTS: Achievements in music, dance, theater, choreography, or visual arts such as painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, film/video, interior design
 TECHNOLOGY: Achievements in engineering, computer sciences, or other technology related fields
 PUBLIC SERVICE: Achievements in public office or performance of social or spiritual work
 SPORTS: Achievements in any sport, athletics, swimming etc.
 EDUCATION: Achievements in teaching, administrative roles in education
 ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Demonstrated leadership in business, professional achievements, business acumen and management skills
 SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Achievements in natural, physical, mathematical or medical sciences
 OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION BY A WOMAN`: Outstanding achievements in any field
 OUTSTANDING YOUTH: Outstanding achievements in academic or extracurricular activities
 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Outstanding achievements over the lifetime of the individual
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