1202 Registered Attendees






Registration Check-in

Badges can be collected onsite starting Jul 2nd 2022 onwards. Volunteers will be onsite to help you check in and provide your KS2022 badges on all days.The person collecting the badges for the family will have to show one piece of ID to collect them.

No onsite registration/walk ins are allowed.

To manage facility capacity restrictions, our current plan is to identify on the attendee’s badge his/her preference specified at the time of registration regarding meal timings & meal locations.

Please note that we will not have check-in counters at the hotels. Please check-in to the Sammelan event, collect your badges only at the Sammelan venue.
Special Note: It is absolutely critical that you wear your badges and wristbands at all times throughout the Sammelan. Badges/wristbands will allow you to re-enter the Convention Center as well as make it easy to access all services available to you, such as entry into main auditorium, ballrooms, food area etc. The wristband should be worn on all 3 days as that will allow entry to the Dining area. The badge should be visible at all times.