Konkani Sammelan 2020 - COVID-19 Coronavirus Update.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the venue of the Konkani Sammelan 2020?

A: The Konkani Sammelan will be held in California, San Jose, U.S.A from July 2, 2020 through July 4, 2020 at

  San Jose McEnery Convention Center, 
  408 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113


Q2. How many people are expected to attend this event?

A: About 2000 people from U.S., India, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries are expected to attend.


Q3. How long is the Sammelan?

A: We will officially open registration at 3:00pm on Thursday (July 2nd). It will end with a Banquet Dinner on Saturday night (July 4th). A detailed program guide will be available at http://konkanisammelan.org.


Registration: Please read the registration instructions page before you register.

Q1: Who should I contact if I have problems with registration?

A: Please email registrations@konkanisammelan.org or leave a voice mail at 408-459-8423 and someone from committee will contact you.


Q2: Do I need to register for the sammelan if I plan to serve as a volunteer?

A: Yes, all volunteers have to register and pay registration fees for the sammelan.


Q3: Is $225 price for one person or for a whole family? 

A: $225 Price is per person for adults during the early bird registration period only. After that there will be an incremental price increases. Please refer to  registration instructions page for the fee structure details.


Q4: Is there any registration discount for the whole family?

A: There is no family registration discount. We have an early bird registration discount per person until Dec 31, 2019.


Q5: Is there any discount for Senior Citizens?

A: Yes there is a special discount for Senior Citizens age older than 65. Early bird registration fee for Seniors is $200.00. Please refer to  registration instructions page for the fee structure details.


Q6: My child is 7 years old. Do I need to register him/her?

A: Yes, children 5 years old (on July 1st 2020) and above must register. Please refer to  registration instructions page for the fee structure details.


Q7: I have a child below the age of five. Do I need to register him/her?

A: Yes, all attendees must be registered, but there is no charge for under the age of 5 (on July 1st 2020) and under. Please refer to  registration instructions page for the fee structure details.


Q8: Is there a single day registration available?

A: No, you must register for the whole sammelan - all 3 days (July 2 - July 4).


Q9: Is there any extra charge for food, sessions or evening events?

A: Food, sessions and evening events are covered in the sammelan registration fee.


Q10: Who qualifies for the kid registration charges?

A: Kids between the ages 5 and 12 (on July 1st 2020)


Q11: My friend is interested in attending the sammelan but he/she is not Konkani. Can he/she register for the sammelan?

A: Yes, the Sammelan is open to everyone.


Q12: Can I register manually?

A: No. You have to register online but can pick Check payment option and send the check to us within 15 days of registration..


Q13: How do I register?

A: To register go to http://konkanisammelan.org/registration 


Q14: Can you give me the registration cost breakdown?

A: Please refer to Registration Fee structure on the registration form for information.


Q15: Why do I have to register now?

A: You may register anytime until June 30th 2020 or until we reach capacity. Please note that the closer the sammelan is, the higher the registration fees. Please refer to the Registration Fee structure on the registration form for detail costs and deadlines.  


Q16: I do not have Internet connection. How do I register?

A: You can call 408-459-8423 and someone can help you get registered for the sammelan.


Q17: I want to cancel my registration. How can I get a refund and what amount will be refunded?

A: Please review the cancellation policy on the registration form.


Q18: I would like to donate money to the Sammelan. How can I donate?

A:  On the registration form, there is a line where you can enter the amount you want to donate. Alternatively, you use the donate link under the register tab to donate.


Q19: I have lost my registration number. How can I retrieve it?

A: Please contact registrations@konkanisammelan.org to get your details.


Q20: I never received a registration confirmation email/letter. How can I get it?

A: Please contact registrations@konkanisammelan.org to get your details.


Q21: Can I come early or leave late after the sammelan?

A: The sammelan will open at 3.00pm on Thursday, July 2nd, and the sammelan program will end at midnight on Saturday, July 4th.  Attendees are free to come and go from the sammelan center at any time.



Q1: Is there parking available at the sammelan location?

A: Yes, there are about 2000 spaces for self-parking. Additionally, valet parking may be available at an additional cost.


Q2: Will there be shuttle service from the Hotel to the Venue?

A: No, if you prefer to book any other hotel, you may have to arrange your own transportation.



Q1: Will Konkani food be served?

A: Yes, we are planning on serving many Konkani dishes.


Q2: What time will breakfast, lunch and dinner be served?

A: Breakfast is from 7 to 9am, Lunch is from 12 to 2pm and Dinner is from 6.00pm – 7.30pm. Snacks will also be served from 3:30 to 4:30pm. All meals are for registrants only.


Facilities & Hotel:

Q1: Is the sammelan location handicap accessible?

A: Yes, it is handicap accessible.


Q2: Will wheelchairs be provided for registrants that are physically impaired ?

A: Yes, wheelchairs can be provided. Please send email to askammani@konkanisammelan.org before June 30, 2020 if you need a wheelchair.


Q3: Which hotel is closest to the sammelan location?

The nearest hotels, are the Hilton San Jose and the Hyatt Place, San Jose. We have negotiated special rates with both hotels for our attendees. The Hilton San Jose is directly connected with the San Jose Convention Center, where most of the Sammelan events will be held, and the Hyatt Place is right across the street from the Convention Center. The hotel rates are as follows:

- Single/Double occupancy: $129/night
- Triple/Quadruple occupancy: $139/night.

Here is additional information about each of the hotels.

Hilton San Jose

Hyatt Place Brochure

Hotel Parking:

A special overnight parking rate of $15/night has been negotiated with both hotels.


Q4: Is the hotel cost covered by the cost of registration?

A: The registration cost only covers the attendance to the Sammelan and does not cover Hotel costs. You will have to book the Hotel separately.


Q5: How far is the Venue and Hotel from the Airport?

A: The venue and hotels are located in downtown San Jose, minutes away from San Jose’s Norman Y. Mineta International Airport. 


Q6. What is the negotiated discounted rate for the hotel booking?

A. The negotiated contracted discounted rate for booking rooms at both hotels are:

- Single/Double occupancy: $129/night
- Triple/Quadruple occupancy: $139/night.


Q7. Which days are the discounted hotel rate available?

A. The negotiated discounted rate is available for Jul 1 to July 6, 2020.  At the Hilton San Jose, the rooms allocated to us for 7/1/2020 at the group rate have already been booked. The Hilton has made available another set of a few rooms at the rate of $259/night for 7/1/2020. There are several rooms available at the group rate from 7/2/2020 through 7/6/2020. If you book rooms from 7/1/2020 through 7/6/2020, and there is availability for all days, the system will display an average rate through those dates, and will display options for rates for 7/1/2020. At the Hyatt Place, we have been allocated several rooms at the group rate of $129/$139 per night from 7/1/2020 through 7/6/2020, and these come with a 3 night minimum. 


Q8. What is the Group code for reserving the rooms?

A. The Group code and details of reserving/booking a hotel room will be provided in the confirmation email that you will receive after registering for the Sammelan.



Q1: Is there separate programming for adults and youth?

A: Some programs are applicable for all age groups. Some programs are catered to certain age groups.


Q2: Where will youth and young adult related programs take place?

A: The Youth (ages 13 - 17) and Young Adults (ages 18-35) will have an entire set of events to meet and connect with one another at the lower level of the San Jose Convention Center. Youth participants can also register for the art exhibition.


Q3: Are special programs planned for kids ?

A: Yes, while the adults are engaged in the Sammelan activities, we are planning on having activities for 3 different Kids age groups as below:

Ages 5 - 9

Ages 10 -12 

Ages 13 - 17

Programming information will be available at http://konkanisammelan.org and kids can also register for the art exhibition.


General Questions:

Q1. What is the history of the Konkani Sammelan?

The first Konkani Sammelan was held in 1996 in the state of New Jersey. It was an earnest endeavor by the original Konkani migrants, to facilitate the inter-mingling of Konkanis in the North American Region. Under the able leadership and foresight of its founding members, a not-for-profit organization, NAKA (North American Konkani Association) was formed soon after the first Sammelan. Since then, the Sammelans have been held across various locations in North America such as Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, New Jersey and Atlanta. The number of attendees has increased progressively along with the steadily growing numbers of the Konkani diaspora in North Americas. The first Konkani Sammelan in 1996 was host to 400 attendees vis-a-vis 1800 delegates attended the last Sammelan. We expect around 2000 people to attend the 2020 Sammelan in San Jose, CA. 


Q2. Why should I attend the Konkani Sammelan?

A. There are many reasons you may want to attend the Sammelan. It is a unique medium for Konkani’s to connect with each other through a formalized system which integrates the need of a community to socialize with the hope of its denizens to showcase and protect its cultural diversity. Far from being a mere cultural extravaganza, the Konkani Sammelan supports and fosters communal harmony and is the binding force that retains and encourages a sense of kinship and pride. It represents our ability to adapt as a race, grow as a community and mature as individuals. When a group of people, no matter its scale, starts sharing common ways of thinking, feeling and socializing, culture emerges. With collective synergies, we strive to enhance the ideologies, systems and common code of ethics that bind us into this inclusive fabric of society. Language is the key that unifies and gives structure to these value systems and camaraderie is the thread that weaves all these elements into social fabric.