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To help enhance our guest experience during the Konkani Sammelan 2016, we are publishing one phone number which we call Amchi Helpline. Please note that this number will be monitored and answered by our dedicated volunteers starting Thursday, 6/30 till Monday, 7/4. Although we will make our best to answer your calls during five days, there are only limited number of volunteers. So, here is recommended guidelines as to when to use the Amchi Helpline.

- Use Amchi Helpline for urgent matters and for non-medical emergency. As always please use 911 for medical emergencies

- We will have dozens of volunteers from various host committees throughout the venue and at all three hotels. You will be able to clearly identify an volunteer by "Host" designation on their name tag. Please reach out to the nearest Host volunteer to seek help

- Your next best option to get help is to stop by at the Information Booth at the GICC venue. This booth will be staffed from Friday afternoon till close of the Sammelan. The person at the booth should be able to help.

- If you don't have access to a Host volunteer or you are away from the GICC venue when in need of help, Feel free to text us at 2243771873 or call the Amchi line at 866-709-9864. We will be happy to help.

It is our sincere hope that with various mode of help we have made available, your visit to the sammelan would be safe and a memorable one. We look forward to meeting you next weekend!


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