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President's Message



This is Ram and Aruna Acharya, and we are excited to present the Konkani Sammelan 2022, to be held in lively San Jose, California. This is the tenth Sammelan since its inception in 1996, and we are honored to be hosting this monumental event during its historic anniversary.

Our family first moved to the United States in 2002, where we found ourselves in an unfamiliar place far from family. We quickly discovered the Konkani Association of California (KAOCA), and started attending events. It was there that we met some of our best friends and had some of our most enriching experiences, while also preserving our culture and passing it down to our children, who speak Amchigele fluently today. Moreover, our involvement over the years with KAOCA’s organizing committees has brought us a lot of personal fulfillment and learning. KAOCA has truly become our home away from home.

Thus, we were very excited to attend Konkani Sammelans. At all the conventions we’ve been to, we had a blast meeting new people, reuniting with people from our pasts, and visiting new and exciting cities. The Sammelan has also changed our lives in unexpected ways. For example, our daughter fell in love with and chose to attend Georgia Tech as a result of a spontaneous college visit during the 2016 Atlanta Sammelan.

Our experiences with the Sammelan have inspired us to continue the mission to unite Konkanis across North America. We are working with a team of dedicated individuals in the Bay to bring you three fun-filled days of arts and entertainment, intellectual discussions, educational workshops, and delicious, authentic Amchigele cuisine.

Over the years, we have learned that when you are far from family, your friends, especially those with whom you share a cultural background, become your new family. We eagerly invite you to register and come to the Konkani Sammelan 2022 and become part of our family!


Devu Baren Koro,

Ram and Aruna Acharya


Konkani Sammelan 2022